What is the importance of the new Visitax in Cancun?

You might have heard about the new tourism tax that recently entered into force in Cancun; as well as in many other regions in Mexico. Actually, Cancun is famous for its magnificent places. It also has great potential for businessmen and women, and that is exactly why people love going there. But, is it necessary to pay a tax before having access to this treasure? Here is why!

Boost the resources of the city

Travellers love to visit cities where the landscape is awesome and where they can find a place to chill out. Cancun actually provides visitors with some entertainment (and business) options such as shopping, exploring places and relaxing. However, the huge number of tourists coming to Cancun has significantly strained the resources of the city. Thus, in order to support the growth and development of its resources, the government has imposed a new Cancun tax Mexico, also known as Visitax. 

Preserve the remains of the city

The revenue generated from the Visitax will also help in protecting and preserving the ancient remains of the city, such as museums and natural landscapes. The latter are actually crucial to the ecological balance of Cancun and contribute to make it an even more incredible destination! As a result, tourists will keep benefiting from Cancun’s vibrant nightlife, breathtaking beaches and crystal-clear Caribbean Sea. The city also has mangrove forests that have to be preserved. 

Creating employment and jobs

Last but not least, the tourist tax is also beneficial to the local community as it helps create new jobs. By the same way, it is also going to boost the local economy. As a summary, the tourist tax for Cancun aims at promoting sustainable tourism and the development of the city in general. Thus, it’s important for visitors to pay this new tax as it will highly contribute to funding projects such as the preservation of natural resources and the development of infrastructures.