Why opt for low-calorie cider ?

Cider is a popular alcoholic drink in many countries, especially in Europe. However, there are now low-calorie versions of cider that are becoming increasingly popular. In this article, we’ll look at what makes low-calorie cider a better option for those looking to reduce their calorie intake.

Low calorie

Low calorie cider has a significantly lower calorie content than traditional ciders. This is because low calorie ciders are produced with less sugar and alcohol. In general, a glass of low calorie cider contains around 50 calories, while a glass of traditional cider can contain up to 200 calories. By reducing your calorie intake, low calorie apple cider can help support a balanced diet and maintain a healthy weight. For those looking to lose weight, low-calorie cider is a sensible alcoholic beverage option.

Reduced health risks

When you drink too much alcohol, it can have a negative impact on your health. Low-calorie cider is a drink with a low alcohol content, so it cannot cause the same side effects as traditional cider. Additionally, the low calorie content may help reduce the risk of diseases associated with excessive sugar consumption such as type 2 diabetes. Excessive alcohol consumption can also affect mental and emotional health. Low-calorie apple cider reduces the chances of excessive alcohol consumption, thereby reducing the risk of depression and anxiety. Thus, opting for low-calorie cider comes down to taking care of your health in general.

Good for the digestive system

Low-calorie apple cider may also have positive effects on the digestive system. Apples, the main ingredient in cider, contain soluble dietary fiber that helps regulate digestion, including lowering cholesterol levels. With a low sugar content, low-calorie cider does not generate the negative effects on digestion that traditional cider can have. Plus, studies have shown that drinking regular cider in moderation can help boost the immune system and gut health. Low-calorie cider, which contains less sugar and alcohol, could produce the exact same effects, but without contributing to weight gain.

An alternative for people intolerant to gluten

People with gluten intolerance, such as celiac disease, should avoid foods containing a certain proportion of gluten, including alcoholic beverages. Low-calorie cider is an interesting alternative for those people who are looking to drink alcohol without causing the adverse effects related to their state of health. Low-calorie cider generally contains less gluten than traditional cider, or none at all. This option is attracting the interest of many consumers who are looking to change their eating habits by opting for healthier foods that are more suited to their health condition.

Multiple flavors

Low-calorie cider comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from traditional options to more modern lime or dark cherry choices. With a lower alcohol content and lighter flavors, it’s easier to enjoy these drinks without feeling overly stirred. Low-calorie ciders are also very versatile – they can be enjoyed with meals, at parties, or just for relaxing at home. The variety of flavors and tastes offered by low-calorie ciders allows consumers to have a wider choice adapted to their tastes.

In summary, low-calorie cider is a popular alcoholic beverage option for those looking to reduce their calorie intake or for those who suffer from gluten intolerance. Apart from being low in calories, it has health benefits such as reducing the risk of diabetes and heart disease, it also aids digestion and boosts the immune system. Low calorie cider, available in a variety of flavors, is a delicious, versatile and healthy drink that will appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Opting for low-calorie cider over traditional cider is a smart option for those looking to enjoy an alcoholic drink without the negative health effects.

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