Which fire extinguisher holder to use

Fire extinguishers are a crucial part of any fire safety system. However, they are only useful if they are well maintained and easy to find in an emergency. One of the most important elements related to the use of a fire extinguisher is the support on which it rests. In this article, we’ll look at the different types of fire extinguisher brackets and discuss the importance of choosing the right bracket to ensure the safety of all building occupants.

Floor stands

Pedestal stands are another type of stand used for fire extinguishers. If you want you could check here. As their name suggests, these supports rest on the ground. They are often used in places where there are no walls available for a wall mount. Floor stands can be wider and therefore more stable than wall stands. In addition, they are often equipped with casters to allow easy placement in the required area.

Wall brackets

Wall mounts for fire extinguishers are very common. They can be found in public spaces such as schools, hospitals, and shopping malls. Wall brackets are often the simplest solution for fire extinguisher storage. They are easy to install and take up little space. The wall brackets also allow easy access to the fire extinguisher in case of an emergency.

Vehicle mounts

Vehicle fire extinguisher holders are designed to hold fire extinguishers in place while vehicles are on the move. Brackets are typically mounted in vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances. Vehicle mounts for fire extinguishers can also protect fire extinguishers from vibrations and shocks that could damage them in transit.

Brackets for cabinets

Cabinet racks are used to store fire extinguishers as well as other items such as fire alarms and tool boxes. Racks for cabinets are often used in offices, classrooms and industrial workspaces. These brackets can be mounted on the wall or on the floor depending on the space available.

What you must remember

The use of a fire extinguisher bracket is a crucial component of any fire safety system. Choosing the right bracket for your fire extinguisher system will depend on the type of building, layout of the space and local fire safety requirements. It is important to ensure that fire extinguishers are easily accessible and visible, while being durably fixed to allow quick and efficient use. The different types of fire extinguisher brackets include wall mounts, floor mounts, vehicle mounts and cabinet mounts. It is recommended that you consult a fire safety professional to choose the correct fire extinguisher holder for your building or vehicle.

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