What are the benefits of marketing automation ?

Marketing automation in business is an indispensable option for any successful company. It allows the company to build loyalty with its customers through workflow. If you are looking for marketing strategies to boost your customer portfolio and increase your turnover, marketing automation is the ideal solution for you. So what does marketing automation involve? What are the benefits?

The implications of marketing automation 

Marketing automation is a strategy adopted by a company to automate all its marketing campaigns. These are, among other things, modalities that are determined by the attitude of the customer. For example, marketing automation can be used to automate the sending of an e-mail, click reference to find out more. The strategy also makes it possible to automate the scoring of leads and the sending of SMS, etc. Before this strategy is successful, it requires a well-defined workflow to be in place. When this workflow is well respected, it has several advantages for the company.

The benefits of marketing automation in a company

Marketing automation through the implementation of a specific workflow represents a real asset for a company, just like other marketing strategies. Indeed, the marketing scenarios allow the company to save time by sending emails to announce for example a promotion season, a new product, etc.  In addition, marketing automation is a real way of re-energising a company’s staff. 

When a company relies on marketing automation, it remains in permanent contact with its customers and prospects. This is a springboard for its business communication strategy. In addition, automation makes it possible to exploit customer contacts, which are data that the company can easily access. This makes it easier to send e-mail messages to the company’s customers in order to build loyalty. 

Why combine marketing automation with a chatbot?

The combination of marketing automation with a chatbot produces outstanding results within a company. Indeed, when workflows have facilitated a close link between the company and the customer, the chatbot takes care of responding quickly and at any time to the customer’s needs. This allows the company to be in constant touch with its customers.