Battery for hitachi btp 031: what do you need to know?

The Japanese brand HITACHI, now known as HIKOKI, is behind many popular products, including the BTP 031 battery. Compact and slide-out, this battery makes it easy to connect to your HITACHI or HIKOKI portable electronic tool. This rechargeable battery offers superior performance thanks to recent technological advances. What are its advantages and features? In this article, you will find out its benefits and features.

What are the benefits for users of this battery?

Battery for hitachi btp 031, it is a battery that has many advantages. First, it has increased performance with a constant current supply to the tool. And, it has no loss of power until the battery is completely discharged, thanks to the Lithium-ion technology. Its autonomy is increased by 200%, allowing you to carry out long sessions. It can be recharged quickly. It takes only 35 minutes to fully recharge this battery with a 15Ah resistance using the appropriate charger. In addition, it takes up less space. In fact, the increased performance for a weight reduced by 40% compared to a 3Ah battery. The HITACHI btp 031 battery has a longer life than standard batteries (by 260%!), and it does not suffer from any memory effect. The number of recharge cycles is quite high, about 1500. The battery for Hitachi BTP 031 is a product that offers a long working life with your device.

The characteristic points of this battery

This battery has been manufactured in accordance with current European legislation. It has passed the quality control procedures set by the certification body. With this brand new replacement battery, your device will work like new. The battery for the hitachi btp 031 is made of new, high-quality cells. It will work perfectly with your original battery. It has a lithium-based memory enhancement technology with a significantly longer life span. It has protection against short circuit, overheating and voltage overload. This ensures safety and reliability. Its power in milliampere hours (mAh) can vary. Increasing the number of mAh results in an increase in the operating time. A voltage change of 2 volts is negligible for all batteries.

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